Comprehending Cross-Gender Characters

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2 Responses

  1. swngrrl says:

    I do not know why this is even a thing. Roleplaying at its core is about telling a story. What difference does it make what gender the author is? A good character is a good character. And some of those just happen to be male, and some just happen to be female. The discomfort, I believe, comes from viewing a character as just a male character or just a female character, and tying that into the author-actor-storyteller’s gender.

    We rarely make these objections with male authors writing female characters in printed works. Or female authors writing male.

  2. Shalafi says:

    I solved that problem really fast. When i am a GM there is no cross-gender, i dont like it, its always sound wierd and unnatural. I saw some guys playing female characters in conventions, and the gamers 2 scenes comes to my mind ( ), i dont like it. But yeah in convention i cant forbid a character so i have to deal with it sometimes. But I never seen a guy or a girl playing authentically the opposite gender :/

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