ww_goldenlasso.jpgKimi (aka GoldenLassoGirl) is known for her highly detailed costumes that are influenced by historical fashion. She loves to help others improve their cosplay skills with tutorials on her Youtube channel and articles on her blog.  Her cosplay work has been featured on DCcomics.com, kotaku.comTheMarySue.com, io9.com, fashionablygeek.com, and more. As a comic and video game expert, Kimi has contributed to multiple fan-film projects, including the Rainfall Wonder Woman trailer (2013) and Metroid: the Sky Calls (2015), and in 2015 her original Bombshell Big Barda design was used by DC Comics as the cannon design for the character

This geeky lady is also an avid gamer, and spends a lot of time playing and discussing tabletop and computer games. She is a regular host and producer for the popular Happy Jack’s RPG Podcast, which discusses tabletop RPGs weekly and has thousands of listeners on six continents (including Antarctica). She GMs multiple tabletop RPG systems and plays in multiple campaigns that are being recorded for the series of actual play podcasts by the Happy Jack’s team. 

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