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The Amazons’ New Clothes

Wonder Woman was a  huge success for Warner Bros. With a gross income of over 800 million dollars worldwide and a final score of 92% on Rotten Tomatoes, it breathed new life into the struggling DC Cinematic Universe. The empowering depiction of the film’s female characters, including the fighting technique

Amazonian warriors from Wonder Woman (left) and the picture Snyder shared of Amazon Warriors from Justice League (right)

and stylized culture of the Amazons, were one of the things fans loved most about the movie.

Which is why Zack Snyder caused an Amazonian uproar on social media when he started sharing pictures of Amazons from Justice League in leather bikinis.

This abrupt change of direction is a shock and these outfits look like generic barbarian women from a game of Dungeons and Dragons. They completely lack the unique flavor of the Greco-Roman-inspired armor ensembles that Lindy Hemming put so much thought and historical research into creating for Wonder Woman. The Wonder Woman designs received acclaim from fans and costume fanatics alike. They were clearly inspired by the Amazon’s origins in the Mediterranean and were feminine but very functional. Why mess with perfection?

Oh, right. The all-male team of directors and executive directors wanted women to fight in bikinis.

More bikini warriors from Justice League

Wonder Woman began filming in 2015, the year before Justice League started filming in 2016. The Amazons’  design was finalized and most of the costumes completed while Justice League was still in pre-production. That means that there were discussions about what the Amazons should wear into battle in Justice League and the epic designs from Wonder Woman were rejected in favor of leather bikinis. Let that sink in. They rejected already finished costumes to redesign and remake the armor so that more skin would be showing.

They rejected already finished costumes to redesign and remake the armor so that more skin would be showing.

Feel uncomfortable? You should. This isn’t a new formula for comic books, films or TV shows. All these fields are dominated by white men and their creations reflect their own ideals. Women in films are four times more likely to be shown in sexy outfits and three times more likely to show some nudity. Zack Snyder’s ideal female warrior wearing about the same as a Victoria’s Secret model on the runway is not a new concept, it’s just disappointing and insulting in 2017.

Amazons wearing soft leather outfits (good for showing off boob curves) while warriors from Atlantis and Man’s World are in full armor. smh.

Fans have been trying to come up with theories to rationalize the dramatic shift in costumes for the all-female civilization. Memes are making the rounds on social media speculating that the barbarian outfits are from thousands of years ago, or that it is another tribe of Amazons. Not knowing the movie’s full plot, I can’t say if this was the intention. I guess the theory is that the Amazons didn’t know how to make armor when everyone else on earth did… because girls? (insert eye roll) I reject the idea that the Amazons were ever ignorant enough to wear these garments into battle. They have all the knowledge of the ancient world and the Greek pantheon, but based on the production pictures, it looks like the men from Atlantis and man’s world had figured out armor while the Amazons were still dressing like bad Conan clichés. There are also plenty of pictures of “modern” Amazon armor that is still leaving their midriffs completely unprotected. An evolution of style would be appropriate but the Amazons would not plan to go into battle with their vital organs exposed.

Amazonian actress and CrossFit champion Brooke Ence wearing her battle outfit from Wonder Woman (left) vs. her battle outfits from Justice League (center & right)

To be absolutely clear, my issue is not with the lack of modesty. The Amazons in Wonder Woman wore sports-bra-like outfits when they were not in battle and I think that is very realistic for a society that lives in a Mediterranean climate. My problem is a millennia-old military culture wearing bikinis into battle because they are women. My problem is a wise civilization that was created by the gods to protect the world thinking that soft leather is armor. I have a problem with a really great design being thrown out in favor of something that would excite the cis male gaze.

I have a problem with a really great design being thrown out in favor of something that would excite the cis male gaze.

The positive reception of Wonder Woman was a major blow to Zack Snyder’s vision and forced Warner Bros. to course correct their failing DC Cinematic Universe. Joss Whedon stepped in as director after Snyder and a massive number of reshoots began. Many of the reshoots were reportedly to add more screen time to characters from Wonder Woman. I hope that some of these changes include more of Hemming’s complete armor design.

(Special thanks to fellow Wonder Woman fan Wonder Bira for helping me track down some of the pictures I used in this article!)


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  • I think the writer was getting too riled up and hot headed. As a woman myself, I absolutely LOVED the costumes. They looked so powerful and strong. And showing their bodies reminded me of the statue of David. And even if the goal was to make sex sell in the movie, they sure made it look bad ass. Besides, the men that were fighting in the flashback with the amazons were showing their skin too. Sorry what was the problem again?

  • […] As fan site The Golden Lasso explained, “‘Wonder Woman’ began filming in 2015, the year before ‘Justice League’ started filming in 2016. The Amazons’ design was finalized and most of the costumes completed while ′Justice League’ was still in pre-production.” Basically, that means that those in charge of ”Justice League” rejected the Wonder Woman designs, which were already finished, in “favor of leather bikinis” that would show off more skin. […]


    Hm. Nothing seemed terriblly impractical to me. To start, wonderwoman showed us that only Diana has super human abilities. The rest of the Amazons are Peak Condition Humans.

    In justice league Steppenwolf didnt seem to give them much Notice before he appeared, namely cause they had a Ton of Archers guarding the box. Archers in most situations and cultures dont wear much Armor for practical reasons (namely they need to get the hell out of dodge fast if the situation goes bad)

    Second the cavalry came running over the hill and had a number of Archers and people standing on their horses like Dothraki, not an ideal situation to be fully armored in.

    Speaking of the cavalry in both scene involving mass numbers of Horse, we had Amazons Launching themselves off Horses into the fray, thats… difficult to believe for normal humans already (as noted these Amazon arent super powered like in the comics), and downright silly for a normal Human decked out in full Armored Regalia.

    Based on what i saw, its seem the Justice League Amazons were geared for mobilty or speed and indeed spent most of their scenes fleeing a dangerous foe, whose strength rendered armor mere Decoration, if the Atlanteans Performance was any indicator. (And they have super powers)

    The Amazons in Wonder Woman seemed like infantry stationed near the City, and had both their Queen and General in the fight with the Germans. Such high ranking figures would Demand heavily armed and Armored guards/soldiers near them at all times.

    Perhaps the simplest explanation is that we witnessed two different branches of Amazon Miltary in two different movies fighting two very different foes in two slightly different time periods.

  • One more thing… was it the Amazons of Themyscira who fought in the battle alongside the Atlanteans thousands of years ago? I assume so, since Hippolyta was their queen and many of the original women from the WW movie were there. If this is true, Hippolyta had to be pregnant with Diana at the time, or maybe Diana was an infant, because Zeus died just after creating the island. Therefore, how would the battle outfits of the Amazons have changed in Diana’s lifetime? She was there thousands of years ago too. We watched her grow up among these women and when she was a little girl, they were wearing armor that covered their torsos. It doesn’t make any logical sense that they had different outfits “a long time ago.” A long time ago according to who? Diana had to have been there from the beginning of the island if Zeus is really her father! Unless he didn’t really die and Ares lied. At any rate, it’s a poor argument and excuse for turning the Amazons into beach babes.

    • Hippolyta actually sculpted Diana from clay, who was then brought to life by the gods. The rest of your point I completely agree with, however!

  • Thank you so much for writing this vindicating article!! I’m really upset about the Justice League movie. I can’t understand why so many DC fans didn’t seem to notice the glaring problems that critics saw (including bad special effects, non-existent plot, purposeless villain, no emotions, flat dialogue, choppy scenes that had no transitions, a terrible beginning that didn’t make sense, lack of logic throughout, lack of character development throughout, etc…), but what made my heart ache the most was actually the costumes/wardrobe, and the poor treatment of the Amazons. It was glaringly obvious that the Amazon armor had been changed, along with hair styles, camera angles and other aspects that made these amazing women look less like warriors and more like swimsuit models. You didn’t mention Diana’s ridiculous leisure/work wardrobe (REALLY?? Tight leather pants, gaping gratuituous necklines what would make her breasts pop right out of her shirt if she moved wrong, push up bras, and honestly, who works on artifacts in a tight white designer dress, wearing red lipstick and no gloves? She should have been in a smock with laboratory gloves on!). I just don’t get this!! Plus did everyone miss all the gratuitous butt shots? I feel like my precious Wonder Woman and her beautiful sisters have all been groped by the directors… and very few people care. Sickening!

    It’s so good to hear the rant from someone else besides me!

  • As much as I, who as a young girl wanted to be an Amazon, and who made it nearly into my 40s believing that Amazons were Greek warrior women, I have done some research and learned some lessons. Amazons are in fact known to the Western world through Greek folklore, writing and even pottery. However, the women warriors of Ancient times are most likely of Scythian or Persian origin. I imagine their tales of heroism instilled in the young Kurdish warrior women inspire today’s lady Peshmerga warriors. As for dress codes, warriors protect themselves and the Hollywood mindset pays homage neither to history nor to accuracy. Greeks depicted warrior women in the flowing garments of the day carrying bows, spears double axes and helmets. Their clothes depicted the Amazons as Persian women and dressed as such with accommodations for war fare. Here is yet another interesting twist to the myth and fantasy that is the basis of Wonder Woman.

  • could be JUST a light example but…. i haven’t played that much D&D to be an expert but i lived with roommates who played consistently.. and just from the rulebook and campaign.. and character sheets…

    D&D (and the like RPG tabletop games) try to retain as much authentic data as possible… including gear/armor. of course sometimes u ditch one armor to reduce weight if u have something else that can make up for it in better defense/attack stats… but i never got the impression the female warriors/warrior classes in D&D sported skimpy armor

    • Hi Dave! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

      I have played a lot of DnD. There are many other articles on this blog about it and other tabletop games and I help produce a podcast/livestream dedicated to them. Honestly, it really depends what edition of DnD you are talking about. The more recent versions are much better, but the old ones were pretty terrible. Many tabletop games had “beauty” stats (quantifying how attractive women were) and rolls for seduction.

      The art has also been rather troublesome, especially the miniatures that are used for games. They are often hyper-sexualized and are the OGs of bikini armor. Ok, not really. It existed before that but DnD and comics really brought it into the larger consciousness of people. Minis are getting better, but I still have to sort though tons of “sexy” warriors to find a warrior that has good armor. You can see some examples on this site:

  • Can someone please fire Zack Snyder from DC now? If you really want to know why the DCU is failing as a cinematic universe, look at him.

  • I yjonk it’s disgusting thst Dnyder has rrmoved thrir breastplates and exposed their torsos in the name of

    He has objectified these warriors and ignored history!

    (I’m talking about Spartans)

  • Here are the things that I think I know. Spartan warriors wore greaves, a breastplate, leg greaves and a helmet, plus probably some sort of basic tunic. They were pretty unarmoured from the knee to the waist as that is where they were supposed to be protected by their shield. They wore slightly less bulky armour than the Greeks allowing for more freedom of movement in terms of throwing long range weapons like the javelin, again relying on their shi;eds and battle formation (the Phalanx) to give them protection.

    Since the Amazons do not fight as a unit, but participate in single combat, the fighting style they would have used would probably rely more on armour than is shown, depending on their level of mortality. If they are affected by a cut from a sword, they would have almost certainly have worn more armour. However, if they have a resistance to blades and stabbing weapons, then they would have worn less armour to free up movement.

    This brings into the conversation their relative strength. If they are supposed to be of exceptional mortal strength, they would wear less metal plate and more boiled leather armour with lighter chainmail (judging by the approximate period), whereas if they have extra mortal strength then they would be able to carry and fight in a much larger suit of armour. However, plate armour is still extremely restrictive in terms of movement, and lots of the moves in the Wonder Woman movie would be completely impossible with any armour that would force your spine to be straight, like a metal corset or full plate. If the armour on her torso is only a breastplate allowing for movement of the spine, I would like to know how it is attached without coming loose or impaling her through the collarbones when she bends or runs.

    From the look of the armour in the pictures, it probably wouldn’t be much good against any sort of long (Pike, spear, lance) or ballistic weapon (arrow, javelin, crossbow) and have a deflecting influence against light wielded blades. It would be almost no defence at all against bludgeoning and heavy wielded weapons, making it almost pointless.

    Warriors in ancient times (in particular Greece) were lauded for going into battle without lots of cumbersome armour as it was thought to represent cowardice. In particular, in the gladiatorial arena, the characters often cast as villains are the ones supplied with the most armour, while the heroic characters fight as near naked as possible.
    However, gladiators were also considerably fatter than represented in modern culture, allowing them to take more punishment like cuts and impacting blows. While muscular and strong, they were by no means as lean as depicted today.

    • your post made me think of valkryies from norse mythology… i haven’t read norse mythology in ages so i can’t remember exactly.. but in comics and movies… all valkryie portrayals have them in almost full armor (very similar to roman soldiers) …. thought contrast was interesting.

  • […] As fan site The Golden Lasso explained, “‘Wonder Woman’ began filming in 2015, the year before ‘Justice League’ started filming in 2016. The Amazons’ design was finalized and most of the costumes completed while ′Justice League’ was still in pre-production.” Basically, that means that those in charge of ”Justice League” rejected the Wonder Woman designs, which were already finished, in “favor of leather bikinis” that would show off more skin. […]

  • Oh so you think 300 it’s a fair comparison. Ok then why is Power Girl boob window ok. I recall seeing Super Girl showing her abs in comics. In Flashpoint paradox we’ve seen drawn amazons with bikini armors. We have even seen regular humans females like Huntress with an ab window. You are just full of bs. Drop the feminism, is lowering your iq.

  • I noticed it last month when they released this set photos, unfortunately i was rebuffed when said this in a movie news site by (presumably) a male DC fan.

    I always thought that the photo have an icky, subtle cues of perversion. In WW set photos, it looks like the women looks like they’re being active and having fun, in that photo they’re posed and piled… not to mention ‘sexy halloween costume’ vibe…

    I’m so glad I found your article, I don’t think the Cis part is important though

  • I wonder, did you complain when the same director made a movie where the male warriors from pretty much the same age as amazons, wore only a short, a cape and a pair of boots in battle…

      • Aaand you’re wrong. Objectification is NOT wrong in any way. We objectify the people we find attractive, it’s always been like this, and it will be until the end of time. WHENEVER you find somebody attractive without knowing their personality, you objectified them. Whenever somebody is interested in anything else more than the other’s personality, it’s objectification. If it’s looks, if it’s success, if it’s wealth… Those are all the things we can objectify, and people, men and women alike do this all the time. Why is that a problem? Does it mean we are incapable of value a human being for what they are? No! Are the objectified people bothered by it? Generally they are not. Sure, in SOME, but nobody forces women to wear revealing clothes in parties, but they still do, and nobody forces men to grow well looking, but impractical six-pack abs, and they still do. People want to look good for the gender(s) they are interested in, and that my friend, is self-objectification.
        And if women so hate to be objectified, then why did they make 50 Shades (that objectifies women waaaay beyond than a mildly revealing cloth) a bestseller, and the movie a blockbuster? Please, don’t tell me men forced them to like that story, as I yet to met a man who liked it in any way.
        And once again, you said in your argument that as you weren’t a writer when 300 was released, YOU couldn’t complain, but you found it as wrong as it is now. Well, males did NOT have a problem with it at all, and they were the “victims” in this case. And males also don’t have problem with Magic Mike for example, while males are the “victims” in this case too. So please, STOP victimize people who don’t feel like victims at all. And females in general also don’t have problem with good looking males without much clothing. Objectification is a problem only to feminists, nobody else. Do you think women go to Comic-Con and other similar conventions in revealing cosplays (often more revealing than the original) cause they mind to be objectified?
        And just one more question. What exactly is so revealing about this amazon armor? Their abs are visible, other than that, it isn’t that much more revealing than their armor in Wonder Woman (hint: abs aren’t that much of a turn on for males to be worth to show it for the sake of sexiness). And sure, it could be revealing while covering their tits and crotch, but this is not a sexy armor in any way. No sexier than Ronda Rousey’s MMA clothing. Wait, you find THAT objectifying too, right? And the boxer, and MMA guys, who don’t wear anything on their upper body! SCANDALOUS!
        But, you know, with values like yours, you can still move to live in an Amish community, if uncovered human skin bothers you so much…

        • Aaaand, you’re wrong.
          Objectification is always wrong: making yourself look attractive to the opposite sex is self-agency, not objectification.
          I had a lot of other things to say about how stupid this triggered ramble is, but you exposed yourself past redemption when you dismissed objectification as “only important to feminists”. The author already has the perfect answer for your false comparison to “300”. Go read it.
          (But the fact that you are comparing boxers who fight only with their hands to warriors up against weapons shows me just how stupid you actually are.)

  • For those complaining about how Justice League has the Amazon’s dressed, you might want to actually READ THE WONDER WOMAN COMICS first. Justice League is actually more in line with what the Amazon’s are shown wearing in the Wonder Woman comics than the outfits from the Wonder woman movie. THIS article and the Wonder Woman movie are why many DC movies wind up a flop, because comic fans want them to stay TRUE to the comics and DC can’t seem to do that when they make movies.

  • Long before I read this article, I had seen some early images from Justice League, and my first thought was: why are all the women half naked and all the men are fully covered??????!!!!

    Yeah, I don’t plan to see this. Waiting for WW2. But meanwhile I hope to catch Frances McDormand’s Three Billboards as soon as it comes out. Can’t wait to witness her righteous rage :)))

  • The Justice League Amazons are in much better physical shape than the Wonder Woman Amazons, so they should wear more revealing costumes. The picture on the right (of the very buff Justice League Amazons) could not possibly have been marketed 50 years ago. So, people complaining about “male-dominated” marketing should realize that at least one thing has changed for the better.

    • You… realize that they cast most of the same actresses/athletes as Amazons for both movies? These women are professional athletes and are in excellent shape constantly as part of their professions other than showing up in movies.

  • women belong in the kitchen. the fact that they can’t even appreciate a feminist movie because the director tweeted some new costume designs shows how toxic feminism is bad for all men, no matter if they are conservative or liberal.

  • And I thought some women had been upset over UN criticism because Wonder Woman wore short clothing. That is, they should look at other things, like her morals, instead of her clothes. They look like red carpet photographers, let’s look at the clothes and not at the actresses.

  • Nice double standard. First of all Zack Snyder also has scantily clad men… 300, Doctor Manhattan, Superman in half the movie…. Sex sells, get over it. It sells because it is natural. We love to try and pretend it’s not.
    Let’s be honest, they look tougher in Snyder’s film anyway.

    • Horseshit. Unless Snyder shot the Spartans or Dr. Manhattan as primarily pieces of meat to be lusted after, this is irrelevant.

      I’d believe your claim about Snyder making the Amazons look tougher with scantier clothing if I also didn’t envision you getting off on the sight of their gratuitously unprotected midriffs.

  • This is honestly infuriating. Talk about one step forward, two steps back, huh? And @ all the men commenting ‘so what?’ you obviously don’t get it and likely never will. If you don’t get why women are pissed about this you’re part of the problem. Buzz off.

    • Or maybe you could realize that there’s literally nothing here to complain about? Are you just jealous of women who actually have decent bodies, or?

      • ……..way to further exemplify Anna’s exact point.

        If women disagree with the unnecessary and gratuitous sexualization and objectification of the way female warriors are portrayed in media, which only serves to satisfy the sexual proclivities of heterosexual men, it must be because they are jealous and ugly! Yeah!

        You are committing multiple fallacies in your response to Anna. Why not try to put forth something that attempts to refute the actual point of contention here like the higher minded mammal we know you are, Josh.

    • Did you complain about 300? Males with the bodies of demi-gods were literally half-naked for the whole movie. Were males pissed off because of that? Were males pissed off because of Magic Mike? Have you seen Jason Momoa on Justice League set photos? He’s half-naked on the half of them. So, where exactly is the problem? Or is it a problem only when the little clothing appeals to the male audience?

  • It is only insulting to women that have body issues and are jealous. “Women shouldn’t be looked at as a piece of meat.” That is an over simplification. There is nothing wrong with being sexy and showing it off.

    • Your comment is ridiculous. “There is nothing wrong with being sexy and showing it off ” Really? Typical response. Your comment is why men objectify women. Let me tell you something… Women don’t always have “body issues” or are “jealous” to have an opinion. Women also don’t need to wear revealing outfits for war either. These women are soldiers. Do you see our soldiers wearing outfits like these? No. Just because they are “Amazonian” does not mean they have to dress like strippers for war.

      • To be honest many warrior women wore and wear next to nothing. Actual Amazon warrior women from the Amazon wear almost no clothes given the climate. We are talking Amazon Jungle indigenous people. There are women warriors still and guess what? They don’t wear armor.

        300 was done with ripped males wearing very tight and small loin cloths. Folks want equality and Snyder gave it to you.

        Also in all the Superhero movies they show the men with their shirt completely off all the time. Thor, Ironman, Superman, Batman, Aquaman, etc.

        Women athletes in real life actually wear less. Rhonda Rousey wears tiny shorts and a tank top bearing midriff as do the men who actually sometimes wear speedos. These are modern day warriors who fight almost naked.

        The Greeks were quite liberal and when engaged in athletic sports would be naked as naked can be.
        Gladiators often times wore very little armor in the chest area. That is what the shield was for.
        So historically warriors went both ways.

        To be honest that whole warrior stuff is generic. But the dudes go the Conan route, shirtless with loin cloth and the girls go bikini. Red Sonja is wearing about the same thing as Conan.

        Plus I think the actresses worked hard on getting those abs. They wanted to show them off. You don’t work hard for abs like that and hide them. They wanted to be equal to the men and basically look like the Female versions of the Spartans in 300.

        And to be honest these girls do look nice but not really most men’s type. So not as big on the “strippers of war comment” They basically look like Female Spartans and look a little more fierce with ripped abs than they did the last movie.

  • I wasn’t planning on seeing Justice League anyway, because I don’t think DC has done a good job of setting up their characters. That being said, people should be much more offended at the origins of Wonder Woman (and I’m talking real life, not comic book origin), than they are by costuming choices made to draw in a young teen male audience for 2 hours of poorly written escapist fantasy.

    And if you want to see Justice League done correctly, I suggest the DCAU t.v. series on DVD or blu-ray. 91 mostly strong episodes.

  • It’s about context I don’t know the context of the scene yet, so I can’t make any judgement.
    I am not one to complain, guess you can’t please everyone.. But a similar outfit to Diana would have sufficed, however if they are chilling on Paradise Island and get attacked, there isn’t much time to get dressed

  • It’s about context I don’t know the context of the scene yet, so I can’t make an judgement.
    I am not one to complain, guess you can’t please everyone.. But a similar outfit to Diana would have sufficed, however if they are chill on Paradise Island and get attacked, there isn’t much time to get dressed

  • Don’t blame this on all straight white males. This is all about Snyder being a jackass. We would rather have had the costumes from the only good DCEU movie so far. Not slutty costumes from a bad 80s Mad Max rip-off.

  • These comments are hilarious – as if the costumes in the first Wonder Woman movie weren’t already sexualized. But okay, let’s say that the new costumes are even MORE sexualized. So what? Sexualizing things doesn’t invalidate them, especially in the context of displaying incredibly ripped and fit bodies – which seems to be the point. It is a superhero movie. All the bodies are hyper-fetished for the physicality of the roles. It’s why both the male and female actors of all the superhero movies train for MONTHS to develop these physiques. The projection of either/or, male vs. female gaze, is a ridiculous argument. You can tell it’s much-to-do about nothing by all the comments which claim that the new amazon outfits don’t compare to the original WW movie or look like “cheap barbarian costumes,” when plainly that is not the case. The costumes look VERY well made – as befitting anything that costs millions of dollars to make. They seem incredibly form fitting, with lots of detail and purposefully large, visible stitching. It’s no different than the production design one might see in a movie like Fury Road. It’s obviously real leather treated to a rich brown. Apparently people getting worked up about this haven’t watched an 80s sword and sorcery or barbarian pic since the 80s.

    Nobody can explain to me why it is even NECESSARY for a comic or fantasy movie to be historically accurate, or why it is even wrong to entertain the “cis male gaze,” if in fact, that is what is happening. Are we making a claim that titillation whether male or female has no place in an action or fantasy film? Also, it wouldn’t surprise me if there were dozens upon dozens of people working on these costumes. The assumption that the production design is dominated by a cabal of straight, white men is just not true.

    People should realize that side by side, the costumes of each movie have their own narratives, strengths and style stories and like people commenting on a book they haven’t read – we have no idea whether these costumes are truly successful in the context of the production design or story for the WHOLE movie. To give an example it would be like someone taking a picture of HAL from 2001 a Space Odyssey and putting it next to a photo of the terminator and saying, “Wow, look at that shitty robot they made for the movie! It’s just a red light in a circle!”

    Every day in this hot politically climate where people will get worked up over anything, I bless the sweet lord I am a gay man! We know how to CELEBRATE our bodies and also be merry and gay. This is why we love 300 instead of boo-hooing over the cis female gaze or how those warriors aren’t historically accurate. Get a grip people.

    • The biggest problem is that they CHANGED the designs to make them more sexy. They had really cool, pretty functional armor in Wonder Woman. Both the female director and female costume director in Wonder Woman go into great detail about how much thought they put into the armor to make it fit the comic book narrative, but not be exploitive. They did a great job. Now a pair of dudes show up and take away some of that cool design to show off the women’s bodies during combat. All the other races of people get full armor, but the Amazons are in bikinis. It’s not about modesty. I don’t care if the Amazons show their stomachs when they are hanging out on Themyscira or training (they did in Wonder Woman) but changing a design that they ALREADY HAD to sexualize them in combat is pretty lame. Bikini armor is dumb.

      Yes, sex sells, but 300 was a decade ago. I’d like to hope that we’ve come a little ways in representation since then.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  • Im willing to bet money the majority of people who have a problem with the costume look like they couldnt even fit into the costume.

  • I’m just sitting here shaking my head.
    I mean, I LOVED Wonder Woman so much, because first up it worked, and it was a positive movie experience instead of existential angst . . . but I really loved the fight scenes and the Amazon’s costumes looked so believable.
    They didn’t even need to do this.
    I’ll be seeing JL on Friday, with a bunch of 14-year-old boys and I bet you dollars to donuts they complain about how poor their armour is. Shall I report in on Saturday to let you know how it goes down?

      • Try to do some reasearch, would you ? The scenes we are talking about are from an ancient time and of course they were dressed up in leather like we all would have back then… the scenes are from a story Diana tells about the first invasion of the villain which took place thousands of years ago. Look up the present scenes from the movie and you’ll see they have the same armour as they did in Wonder Woman.. and don’t tell me you wouldn’t have known this because those scenes are in almost all the trailers shown so far; it’s about continuity and it’s stripped of context to fit a certain narrative… be professional please

        • Actually, I covered this in the article…
          To sum up: They were never that dumb.
          Look at the picture. They are shown with swords and fighting from horseback in bikinis. You think they were able to train horses, master combat, blacksmith swords/shields but just didn’t think to cover their vital organs when every other group of people shown (warriors from Atlantis and Man’s World) is in full armor? It was 10,000 PCS – pre common sense?

          Also: They wear bikini armor in the modern scenes too according to reports.

  • To be fair, directors don’t only do this for women. Look at the “armor” the Spartans wore in “The 300”. Even more egregious and impractical than this.

    • That’s largely inspired by the idea that Spartans went in to battle wearing only sandals, their cloaks and helmets and holding their Shields and weapons. The original comic also depicts them in this fashion.

  • I’m not sure if they changed the costume or it’s just the male gaze camera angles, but doesn’t WW seem to be showing more booty in JL than in WW?

  • I can tell you the actresses were not pleased, mostly because they made them wear heels for no reason and with no training. No, I do not believe they changed the constumes in reshoots except maybe digitally

  • Is this unnecessary? Yes. Is it less than the actress is wearing in a CrossFit contest? No. Do 300-Spartan abs ‘excite the cis male gaze’? Surely not in my case.

    • Sorry, I forgot to add: these women worked there souls out to have incredibly strong bodies. They are playing incredibly strong women in the movie. The abs (which is really all that is revealed in addition), in my opinion, only add to showcase the physical strength of these warriors.

  • Oh boo hoo. If they were true to Greco-Roman ideals, warriors might very well be nude. Be happy they decided they want a PG-13.

  • Even if you don’t care about how insulting the bikini armor trope is to women (which apparently a lot of dudes in this comment section don’t), the new costumes just look really… bad. Especially as compared to the costumes from Wonder Woman. They’re bland, unoriginal, and look really poorly made. It’s like the costume designer just picked something up from a fairground somewhere, at one of those booths that all sell the exact same wares at a million different events all over the world, and decided to design all the Amazon costumes based on that. This is not what I expect from a multimillion-dollar franchise. Put some goddamn effort in, geez

  • This is a none story. The Amazons wore similar clothing in the Wonder Woman movie. Do some research next time. If I could post the examples I would.

    But seriously, do some more research and you’ll see this isn’t some huge conspiracy.

    Also do yourself a favor and look at how Snyder dressed men in his other ancient GreeK war movie 300.

    He’s equal opportunity

    • I addressed the outfits from Wonder Woman in the second to last paragraph with a link to the design. Thanks for commenting!

  • All the sad, butthurt, defensive comments from people because you dared to point out the extremely obvious and needless shift to hyper sexualized costumes…. If I didn’t dislike most of the DCU movies on their own merits, God know the fans would be more than enough to drive me away. At least we have Wonder Woman, and I… don’t have to watch this movie!

    Great article.

  • Man, there are a lot of white men making excuses in this thread. Guys: maybe try listening for once instead of telling women how to feel.

    • Maybe, just maybe you ought to quit blaming every White Male between the ages of 30 & 60 for every issue on earth with your knee-jerk reactions.
      These issues existed in Humankind long before Europe had its ascendancy. These issues have existed since Humankind pushed out / wiped out every Humanoid that existed before them
      Yes – Men have ran this earth to ruin. And it is high time women were given a chance to do better. But do you really think Greed and Lust for power will vanish ? Hardly.
      Yes, white men callously destroyed native American culture, but Native Americans arrived here from somewhere else. They are not the original inhabitants. Every culture everywhere has been stomped on and destroyed by another. And the stompers were NOT always white.

  • Are you certain these are ‘battle bikinis?’ Or are they practice wear which is a lot like all the practice wear the Amazons wore in Wonder Woman? I know you’re aware of this, as well as the clear shots of Amazonian armour posted by the same sources, since you’ve shared the images elsewhere, and claimed it supports your argument even though it contradicts it.

    The image from the trailer shows armour as well, even though you’ve circled it claiming it’s a bikini (I don’t excuse the obvious crop top on the right, nor the modern bikini ‘armour’ on Brook Ence, impressive abs but seriously now), not to mention cutting out three others in obvious armour.

    The costumes are by no means perfect and I’m shaking my head at that Brook Ence photo, but it’s clear from the omissions and glossing over that the article is at best incomplete, at worst willfully misleading.

  • “the CIS male gaze”
    Just say male gaze, jezus christ. Not everything single issue should be framed in terms of trans/cis.

  • Actually, even the warior outfits for the Amazons in Wonder Woman were sexist. If you search real ancient depictions of the legendary wariors they show them dressed in long tunics without showing off her thighs or breasts. Well, Wonder Woman had them dressed in a clearly man-wish way and now Justice League pushed it even more perhaps because nobody seemed to care about Diana’s revealing war outfit. As for the argument that maybe they’re not Amazons but Furies: does it really matter? It is still about women.

  • I know “not all men” is a cliche, but Zack Snyder is a monster. Please do not generalize “men” from a psychopathic narcissistic pig.

    • Judging by your comment, one would think that you’re talking about Harvey Weinstein. But no, you just don’t like the costumes in the movie, which obviously makes Zack a “psychopathic narcissistic pig” and a “monster”, right? Sorry to break it to you, but you’re the one who sounds psychopathic.

  • Any story filled with so much sexism and racial hate loses my attention quickly. Not once was the half naked Aquaman and Gods mentioned. But you felt the need to talk about “white men and their creations” Good luck with all that hate.

  • Um, I appreciate your insight and candor and understand your concern. However, I still want to enjoy a DCU movie, something that I didn’t believe was possible untill seeing Wonder Woman.

  • “Dominated by white men”. Right, because only white men find women attractive. Really, though, why do liberals have to make everything about race? Other than that racist tangent, excellent point.

  • I’m totally agreeing on the basis of what I’ve seen. Damn disappointing. Will wait for video.

    And the folks commenting about armour are entertaining. Been career military, am female, worn body armour etc in places too. Utter crap that running around in desert terrain in a bra top would work in battle. Didn’t see any guys doing that either. Artillery maybe a different story but didn’t work with them.

  • I didn’t read the full article but reject the ideas that compete with my male perspective on women. I feel like my limited research into the subject has given me sufficient affirmation on the pros of bikini fighting. Now if you don’t mind spending time reading me project what I feel in your comments, let me get into detail: blah blah not sexist blah blah *fart noise*.

  • You do realize that the above mentioned Amazonians in JL are based in a pre WW era, also its not only about the male gaze Lesbians also exist. The target demographic varies and should not be reduced to quote “Male Gaze”. Not to mention we don’t know the circumstances for Amazons (Maybe they did not have ample time to suit up for a war? Maybe!?). Nitpicking without having full info is bad IMO. Good article though 🙂

  • Isn’t the JL one from ANCIENT times? It’s set thousands of years before WW, right? Perhaps that “step backwards” is deliberate in its design to show the progression of the Amazons throughout history

    • These costumes are so fucking inaccurate & there honestly isn’t one explanation capable of justifying this. As excited as I was, I’m not going to go watch the movie

  • Uh, I’m not sure chicks that are juiced to the gills — to the point of physically looking like dudes — really do appeal to the “cis male gaze”, regardless of how they are dressed; maybe do some research outside of your gender studies class.

  • I mean, there are also other photos of the Amazonians being very clothed. And it’s not as if there won’t be shirtless scenes to show off Jason Mamoa. Kinda like with Henry Cavill. And Zack Snyder got his big break directing 300, known for having pretty much every guy in a very impractical loincloth.

  • “I have a problem with a really great design being thrown out in favor of something that would excite the cis male gaze.”

    You do realize that lesbians exist, right?

    • Are you seriously implying women attracted to their own sex enjoy women being sexualised by men? The original costumes looked brilliant & took away nothing from the amazon’s attractiveness. They were hot then; now they resemble meat as women always do when some men put their disgusting hands into their appearance

  • The musculature on those women is quite impressive, while at the same time it does not really appeal to my cis male gaze. I’d prefer the WW outfits.

  • I think you mean “the straight male gaze”. You can be a straight trans man, you can be a gay cis man. This has to do with sexuality, not gender identity.

  • “Zack Snyder caused an Amazonian uproar on social media when he started sharing pictures of Amazons from Justice League in leather bikinis.”

    I’m sorry, what uproar? Oh, you mean your silly outrage? That’s not an uproar. The scene from JL with the Amazons takes place thousands of years before WW. It makes sense that their armour has not evolved to the current look yet.

    “The positive reception of Wonder Woman was a major blow to Zack Snyder’s vision.”

    Are you serious? Zack was a major component of WW success. You do realize that he cast Gal, produced the movie and wrote the story? Do your research next time. The fact that you’re calling your website “golden lasso” while providing all this misinformation makes it even worse.

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Actually, Snyder was one of 4 different story creators on Wonder Woman and did not write the script. And I address the ancient armor idea in the article. 😀

      • That’s true, but he was arguably the most influential when it comes to WW story arc, next to Patty and Alan of course. Based on this piece, it’s pretty clear that you’re not a fan of Zack, but his involvement in the WW success is undebatable, like it or not.

        Regarding the armor: your whole complaint is based on the behind the scenes photos. Zack shared more photos of the Amazons with their full armor on Vero. So maybe let’s wait with this ‘uproar’ and see how its handled in the movie? I’m not a fan of jumping to conclusions without knowing the context.


    • So you’re suggesting that perhaps, at one time, they chose to protect themselves in deadly battles with armor that exposed as much of their bodies as a PG-13 movie would allow?

  • I don’t know what your intentions were with this article but women in bikinis isn’t sexist at all,its just women in bikinis and I doubt if anyone will even focus on that when watching the film rather they will be empowered by women taking down Parademons. Sexist is a 20 minute shot of Megan Fox’s bum in Transformers.
    Every woman and anyone who has worked with Snyder have nothing but praise for him.
    Also your article is hugely misleading the re shoots were commissioned by Snyder to come up with a conclusion with finality and add more character interactions between the members of the league but sadly he had to step down due to a family tragedy and the internet isn’t outraged due to the behind the scenes photo,maybe just you.
    I wish you weren’t ,we have to better than painting everything as sexist.

    • Thanks for stopping by! Everyone is entitled to their opinions. These are mine! I have no problem with women in bikinis (and state that in the article) but I do have a problem with a civilization of warriors designing armor that leaves their vital organs unprotected, especially when they had great designs already finished from Wonder Woman.
      I don’t know Snyder personally, nor does anyone outside of the production know exactly who did what. I was referring to the chatter going around on social media about the pictures that he has been posting. I’ve seen a lot about that, but I’m sure it’s because I follow Wonder Woman and costuming news very closely. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

    • Well. The next time you run off to fight with sharp objects, I’ll be sure to hand you a leather bikini and see how you feel about it.

      Oh. Wait.

    • The Greeks wore armor. One of the best things about Wonder Woman was how the armor design was based on Greek armor but had it’s own unique twist too. I’m sure a god feels fine going into battle without armor, but it makes no sense for mortals, or specifically for the Amazons, immortals who can still be killed by violent means. Most of the same athletes were in Wonder Woman. Why is there only one or two examples of men fighting without armor in the movie when a whole civilization of women go without it? The production pictures show the the warriors of Atlantis and Man’s World (all men so far in the pics…) are in full armor.

    • Yes. The article doesn’t say that is why he stepped down. I didn’t feel that an article criticizing a movie that he worked on was the place to address his personal tragedy. He shared the pictures with the world, but there was a whole team of (mostly male) producers and another director who were also responsible for these creative choices.

      • Wow, you seem like a truly terrible person. Have fun hating others for superficial reasons for the rest of your life.

          • Uh, well I liked your article, and I have no idea how anybody would think you’re a terrible person for writing it.

            The amazon outfits in WW had style and class and were interesting.
            To sacrifice that to show off more skin is just so… boring.

            Heck, I find it insulting to me (as the classic cis male that Zack and co think they’re appealing to) because I wanted the more interesting outfits too.

            Hopefully it is just the ancient amazons that wore that (because apparently ancient amazons had no need to protect their midriff) and they haven’t tried to do away with the modern ones. Still annoying if that’s the case, but can hope for better going forward.

      • That’s disingenuous. The article makes it sound like he was pushed out because he was doing a poor job, and saying this isn’t the place to talk about his tragedy comes across as your valuing your pat explanation over a messier truth.

        • This article has nothing to do with him leaving. I don’t address it at all except in one sentence about Joss and the reshoots. Not sure how I could give the impression he was fired if I don’t talk about his leaving at all… *shrug*

  • The new “old” design of the Amazonian warriors in the new JL movie is de to the fact that the particular scene takes place decades before the events of the WW movie. The Amazons have evolved since as well as their armor. Watch the movie first before you jump to conclusions.

  • “The positive reception of Wonder Woman was a major blow to Zack Snyder’s vision”

    Yes, it’s Patty’s film and vision, but Snyder produced it, cast the lead actor, and wrote the story, so it is completely laughable to use it against him.

    • Um, not so much. Snyder was part of the story team (one of four), but the person who actually wrote the movie was Alan Heinberg. Heinberg is pretty amazing in terms of his characterization skills and ability to write women as people, rather than boob platforms.

      Snyder on the other hand, well, Sucker Punch.

    • Thanks for commenting! I’m actually a huge fan of tabletop roleplaying games and produce a podcast/Twitch stream focused on them! DnD is something close to my heart. 3.5 got better with their representation of women and 4.o and 5th editions were actually really great about it. Lots of the earlier editions were NOT. I still have a hard time finding minis to use that are wearing full armor. The community is changing slowly, which I am very glad about. The 5.0 books have some really amazing female armor and outfit designs in them. That said, there is a LOT of objectification in the hobbies history. That is undeniable.

  • Great article. I sure won’t watch “Justice League”. This being one of the reasons. It also reminds me of Xena who went into her last battle against thousands of Samurai in a bikini. Ridiculous. Gabrielle’s outfits got shorter and shorter from season to season as well. While I love “Xena” the show I always hated the skimpy outfits.