Dickensian Dress


I made this dress to attend the Great Dickens Christmas Fair, which is held every year in the San Francisco area. Many of the performers there also perform with me at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire, so I really wanted to make an outfit that would let me look like a performer too. I used Simplicity Sewing Pattern 3727, a historical civil war gown. I altered the trim, added the collared shirt, decorated a vintage top hat, and historical jewelry to give the appearance of an English lady in London. Historically, the stripes on the skirt should be horizontal for this time period. That would have been very fashionable, but I just loved how they looked vertically.

I did a photo shoot with the amazing Sam Balcomb. This was actually my first real photo shoot and I was very nervous. The pictures turned out really well and this closeup was my favorite of the batch. I posted the unaltered photos of the costume here to give the best views of the outfit.

**This costume was created before I started my blog. Sorry that I didn’t document its creation! Please feel free to email me if you have any questions!**