The New Hobbit Trailer

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2 Responses

  1. malifer says:

    I’m one of the people that like LoTR, but love the Hobbit. I am going into this with the lowest expectations. Mainly because I do not think the LoTR movies were very good. I hated how Gimli was a punchline and Legolas was surfer.

    I don’t really understand how they are making the Hobbit into 3 movies. But I am more concerned that in an effort to reconcile the differences in tone with LoTR they’re going to darken the Hobbit up a bit.

    The only thing I look forward to is more Ian McKellan as Gandalf which pretty much perfect. But honestly I probably wont even bother to see it in the theater.

    • Kimi says:

      I have read that Ian was hesitant to sign up for The Hobbit, now that it’s turned into another huge three movie epic I bet he is sorry he did it. The Hobbit has dark moments, but I agree about them making it too dark. I worry that it will become a huge epic about the White Council and the Battle of Five Armies, which are actually a very tiny part of the book.

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