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Belle was my hero as a child. She always had her nose in a book (like I did) and her best friend was a horse (another thing we had in common)! As an adult, I watched La Belle et la Bête and loved the stylization which inspired so much of the Disney classic. I decided to do a more accurate historical French gown for my Belle, but still stayed true to the colors in the film. There are over 40 yards of fabric in this outfit. A traditional bodice is worn underneath the gown to give it the appropriate shape.

I created this costume for the 2011 Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball in Los Angeles.  It’s an incredible event, and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes costumes! They are incredible!

**This costume was created before I started my blog. Sorry that I didn’t document its creation! Please feel free to email me if you have any questions!**

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  • Do you have any tips on how you made both costumes? these are the most beautiful by far compared to anything out there, even the costumes that could be bought.

    • Hello Ally,

      I just used a pattern I bought for the Belle gown with a few tweaks to make it more historically accurate. Sadly, I can’t remember what the pattern was. If you can find a good pattern of a 1770’s Europe dress it will be the same thing I was going for. Save up and get excellent fabric. It makes all the difference.

      I did not have time to make both costumes before the event we were attending. A friend of mine made the Prince/Beast outfit:

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