Bringing Lara to Life

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  1. I am also a tall woman and into cosplay, and one problem I have is finding shoes in my size–I’m a 10.5, but I usually buy 11, because 10.5 is so hard to find. I love those boots and they’d be great for a steampunk costume I’m planning, but they only went up to 7.5! What size shoe do you wear, and do you have tips for finding appropriate footwear?

    • Kimi says:

      Looks like different sizes of this boot are available at different times. I wear a 9.5 wide, but usually buy a 10 since wide sizes aren’t usually offered. I bought a 10 in this shoe a few months ago.

      The internet has been amazing with finding the perfect footwear for me. I find almost all my costume shoes online because it’s the only place to find exactly what I want, in my size. Amazon is pretty good if you are looking for something specific, but their sizes fluctuate. Drag queen websites are really a good place if your looking for something with a heel and wear larger sizes like me. Ebay has been my favorite place though! It might take a while, but if you keep checking back, you will eventually find the perfect thing on Ebay. Just be sure to ask any questions you might have before placing a bid. Assume nothing!

      Hope that helps!

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