CNlogoI was interviewed by the amazing Cosplay Nation website for a spotlight feature on May 16th. They have interviewed some of my favorite cosplayers, and I was pretty excited when they showed interest in my costumes. They asked me a wide variety of questions, and I really enjoyed working with them. This is my favorite excerpt from the interview:

Do you ever worry about how cosplayers are represented in the media?

Absolutely. I work hard to make sure that all my costumes are tasteful, and every time I see a blog or website gallery posting objectifying images of cosplayers, I cringe. I am a professional educator with a master’s degree, but often people assume I’m a bimbo who just wants attention or is trying to break into modeling. I hate that I have to keep my hobby a secret because cosplay is viewed in such a sexual light that it could hurt my career. I hate that it’s assumed that I spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars creating costumes simply to please the opposite sex.  More than anything, I hate that this art form and expression of fandom is cheapened by a small minority, and a society that chooses to focus on sex rather than passion or skill.
Read the rest of the interview at, or you can like their Facebook page or follow them @cosplay_nation.

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