Elevating the Genre Podcast: Wonder Woman!!

Elevating the Genre Podcast: Wonder Woman

I was a guest on the Elevating the Genre podcast! We had a great discussion about the Wonder Woman movie!

**Please note: During this discussion I failed to mention the Armenian Genocide. This horrific event is overlooked my many discussions about genocide and the World Wars. I apologize for not including it in this discussion.


Part-Time Fanboy Podcast: Wonder Woman Movie

I was a guest on the Part-Time Fanboy Podcast! We talked about Wonder Woman!

"SPOILERS! Last Friday DC/Warners Bros. released the first motion picture ever to star the most famous superheroine to appear in comic books: Wonder Woman! To celebrate the cinematic debut of the amazing Amazon Kristian asked three wonderful women to come onto the podcast and discuss their thoughts on the movie version of the princess of Themysciras origin. Kimi Hughes (of GoldenLasso.net), Reyna Velarde (Communication Studies Professor at CSU, Long Beach and Cypress College), and Lauren Milberger (of The Fordcast– a podcast discussing the feature films of Harrison Ford), all joined Kristian to express their thoughts on the movie that could very well end up saving the DC Movieverse! Does Wonder Woman repair all the damage that Man of Steel, Batfleck v Man of Steel, and Suicide Squad have done? Does Gal Gadot’s portrayal of DC Comics’s Princess Diana get Warner Bros. out from under? Or is the DC Movieverse still languishing under the morose influence of Zack Snyder? Find out on this week’s episode of Part-Time Fanbo…er…girl…er…woman! Part-Time Fanwoman. Full-Time obsession on a Part-Time schedule."

Listen to it HERE!

Nerdtastic 4 Podcast: Wonder Woman Movie

I was a guest on the Nerdtastic 4 Podcast! This is a spoiler free discussion of the film that was recorded and published before the movie was released. Enjoy!

Thank you, Nertastic 4 Team! It was great chatting with you guys about my favorite heroine!

Fitness for Gamers: Saving the Game Podcast Guest

Episode 103 - Fitness for Gamers, Part 1 (with Kimi, Chris, and Krissi)

Episode 103 - Fitness for Gamers, Part 2 (with Kimi, Chris and Krissi)

I was a guest on the Saving the Game podcast! We had a great discussion about fitness for gamers with tips about exercise, eating, and creating healthy habits. We had so much to say they split it into two episodes!

** Please note: Saving the Game is a religious podcast about tabletop gaming. The hosts discuss Christian concepts in segments of the show that are separate from our fitness discussion.

The Paid to Play Podcast: Kimi the Golden Lasso Girl

I was interviewed by Rob Farquhar of the Paid to Play Podcast!

We talked cosplay, tabletop games, and other geeky stuff. The focus of this podcast is on how to enrich your life with amazing hobbies!

Visit the Paid to Play podcast's website!

Tolkien Podcast: Books vs. Movies

the-lord-of-the-rings-iii-the-return-of-the-king-2003Last week I was invited to be a guest on a podcast debating the works of JRR Tolkien vs. the movies that Peter Jackson made based on them. It was an invigorating discussion filled with nerd rage (on both sides), fun personalities, and lots of geeky info!

Moderator: Jim Ryan of Crucible of Realms and much more!

Richard Rohlin
with Grapple Gun Publishing
Denise Lhamon of the Accessories Not Included blog
Kimi of The Golden Lasso and Happy Jack’s RPG Podcast
Jon of Crucible of Realms

Thanks for inviting me to be part of the fun, Jim!


Wonder Woman Unbound Interview

I was interviewed by Tim Hanley in preparation for his book, Wonder Woman Unbound: The Curious History of the World's Most Famous Heroine. We talked Wonder Woman comics, cosplay, and the Rainfall Films Wonder Woman fan short film.

TH: What is the best part of cosplaying as Wonder Woman?

KH: The kids. Thanks to WB’s successful Justice League cartoon and collection of animated movies, modern kids are very familiar with Wonder Woman, even if they haven’t read the comics. They get so excited when they see her! I think that it’s important for little girls to have good superheroines to look up to, and as comic book culture becomes more mainstream, we need to be sure that we keep that in mind as we bring female heroes to life on the big screen.

Read the full interview HERE!

Cosplay Nation Interview

CNlogoI was interviewed by the amazing Cosplay Nation website for a spotlight feature on May 16th. They have interviewed some of my favorite cosplayers, and I was pretty excited when they showed interest in my costumes. They asked me a wide variety of questions, and I really enjoyed working with them. This is my favorite excerpt from the interview:

Do you ever worry about how cosplayers are represented in the media?

Absolutely. I work hard to make sure that all my costumes are tasteful, and every time I see a blog or website gallery posting objectifying images of cosplayers, I cringe. I am a professional educator with a master’s degree, but often people assume I’m a bimbo who just wants attention or is trying to break into modeling. I hate that I have to keep my hobby a secret because cosplay is viewed in such a sexual light that it could hurt my career. I hate that it’s assumed that I spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars creating costumes simply to please the opposite sex.  More than anything, I hate that this art form and expression of fandom is cheapened by a small minority, and a society that chooses to focus on sex rather than passion or skill.
Read the rest of the interview at www.cosplaynation.net, or you can like their Facebook page or follow them @cosplay_nation.

Kimi's Cosplay Interview for Examiner.com

I was interviewed by Examiner.com about cosplay, gaming, and how the two are linked. Read up to get the inside scoop on my upcoming cosplays, my dream cosplay, cosplay advice, my favorite alcoholic beverages, and more!

Special thanks to Claire Broderick, the gaming writer for Examiner.com who came up with such great questions!

Kimi's Cosplay Interview on Examiner.com