I was a guest on the Part-Time Fanboy Podcast! We talked about Wonder Woman!

“SPOILERS! Last Friday DC/Warners Bros. released the first motion picture ever to star the most famous superheroine to appear in comic books: Wonder Woman! To celebrate the cinematic debut of the amazing Amazon Kristian asked three wonderful women to come onto the podcast and discuss their thoughts on the movie version of the princess of Themysciras origin. Kimi Hughes (of GoldenLasso.net), Reyna Velarde (Communication Studies Professor at CSU, Long Beach and Cypress College), and Lauren Milberger (of The Fordcast– a podcast discussing the feature films of Harrison Ford), all joined Kristian to express their thoughts on the movie that could very well end up saving the DC Movieverse! Does Wonder Woman repair all the damage that Man of Steel, Batfleck v Man of Steel, and Suicide Squad have done? Does Gal Gadot’s portrayal of DC Comics’s Princess Diana get Warner Bros. out from under? Or is the DC Movieverse still languishing under the morose influence of Zack Snyder? Find out on this week’s episode of Part-Time Fanbo…er…girl…er…woman! Part-Time Fanwoman. Full-Time obsession on a Part-Time schedule.”

Listen to it HERE!