Wonder Woman

Do it Yourself: New52 Wonder Woman Corset

Wonder Woman’s corset in the New52 is stunning. The complex chevron pattern combined with stars is intricate and eye-catching. As difficult as it is to draw, it’s even more difficult to sew. Chevrons are quite a challenge and are also very time consuming.

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I made it safely back from Scotland!  I had an amazing time, saw beautiful places, drank too much, and lost a few pounds (haha… get it… they use the UK pound…. sorry). I have several great posts in the works and am ready to catch up, but first…

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Do-It-Yourself: Wonder Woman Boots

When I first designed my Wonder Woman cosplay, I wanted to make something that would be a believable real-world interpretation of Diana. That did not include the white and red go-go boots that are part of Wonder Woman’s trademark costume, so I chose to go for the...Read More »

Wonder Woman Armor

The most difficult part of making a good Wonder Woman outfit is the armor. It can make or break the whole outfit. No matter how much time and effort you put into the corset and star-spangled-underwear, if your armor is obviously spray-painted cardboard nobody will be impressed. Being the over-achiever...Read More »

Bringing an Amazon to Life

When I put my mind to something, very little can stop me. Common sense and logic were completely forgotten with this intense labor of love. I spent way too much money, way too much time, called in a lot of favors, and had a few near-breakdowns, all in the name...Read More »

Why did I start Cosplaying?

It all started with a TV show… a really, REALLY BAD TV show.

As you have probably noticed by now, I am a big Wonder Woman fan. So when I heard that David E. Kelley was bringing her to the small screen in 2011, I was both excited and doubtful. How...Read More »


  1. […] This outstanding Wonder Woman cosplay was accomplished by Golden Lasso Cosplay and with the help of  it is simply one of the best Wonder Woman cosplays out there. If you’d like to see more of her fantastic cosplay then look here or follow her on tumblr. Additionally if you’d like to see how she built this brilliant costume then take a look at her website here. […]

  2. Gerry b Ris says:

    You are very talented. I am a dad of my daughter who wants to try her hand at making a wonder woman costume. Any advice or direction would help us. I’m writing to keep the young innocent and safe. Thanks so much.

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