Ending Convention Rape Culture

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  1. Darran says:

    I could be out of line but perhaps some of the larger and stronger cosplayers should Superhero Up and protect the smaller members of their community.

    I am not advocating vigilantism… fuck it, yes, yes I am. The community should have a neighborhood watch system set up.

    All of that being said. Pick your battles. Somebody comments on somebody’s boobs or ass or bulge I’d say tell them to get lost. Physical contact is a no-no and somebody should be physically ejected.

    Great article! Time to end the douche-bag bullshit and get back to having fun.

    • Darran says:

      OH… when I said tell them to get lost, I forgot to mention to report them. Perhaps the people who run conventions could set up a system of ejecting these individuals after so many reports? I’ve never been able to go to any modern cons so I don’t know how they are run.

      • Shadow says:

        Get their badge. Their badge would have their name on it. Either take a photo of the badge and the asshole or by taking the badge itself.

  2. Yes! 1000 times yes!! This is what I keep saying. Say NO and say it loud. Do NOT be afraid of hurting someones feelings! How can we teach people to do this!! Especially women who are taught from an early age – don’t make trouble, don’t be loud, don’t complain! When you feel like you’re being taken advantage of, when you feel uncomfortable, you have a right to speak up!!! Thank you.

  3. Hey Kimi, I don’t know what your personal experiences have been with Greg Benson (the guy in the first photo with Lady Loki) but in all the times I’ve run into him he is very clear with the women he interviews before he interviews them that the subject matter will be overtly lewd. He is kind and polite, and if you don’t want to interview with him it’s no problem. It’s unfortunate that all people see is his youtube persona, which is just that- a shtick. It gets him views and makes him money, which he uses to do things like create a gourmet restaurant for the homeless at a shelter for a holiday. Just wanted to inform a bit from my end, and I hope you had an AMAZING SDCC!! :) <3

    • Kimi says:

      Hey girl!

      SDCC was incredible, and I’ll be writing about how great it was soon. I don’t know Greg, but the image illustrated the point without going over the top and humiliating a cosplayer too much or including curse words. It was actually from an article about the Loki cosplayer being upset about the interview. Maybe that experience is why he is clear about the subject matter now? I’m very glad to know that he is clear with people before interviewing them. Thanks for the info! <3

  4. Di Lua says:

    Hi, there!
    I have a cosplay blog in Brazil and I talk a lot about assaults like this.
    I think your article was very nice and I wonder: would you let me translate it to portuguese and blog about this there?
    Rape culture in conventions is unfortunately pretty common in Brazil, and I think your comment was really relevant about this issue.
    Please, let me know if you agree.
    I’d give you all the credits of course.

    Thank you!

  5. S.Shaddix says:

    I know this feeling, and have been guilty of being too polite, however I am lucky I always have someone with me
    I wore a more reveling Harley Quinn outfit this year and did get a lot of people wanting photos etc, and I don’t mind the photos, but I DO mind if they think they can just grab me or put their hand on my ass, its not cool. It feels hard at times to tell them off but you just have to do it, even if it gets you called a b****, better than being touched!

  6. Jesse says:

    One thing that women have started doing in Japan when they get grabbed is to grab the man by the wrist that touched them and drag him to the nearest police officer (Typically there are a few on every platform but it wasn’t doing any good because they couldn’t see it in the crowd) Usually the man is too surprised to say anything. This ensures he’s caught. I’m not sure how well it will work in America though, but it’s worth a try.

  1. July 31, 2014

    […] at San Diego Comic Con, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important. The Golden Lasso has a really good article up on Convention Rape Culture if you want more to read on this […]

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